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cookies by a former IT girl (#fomeritgirl)

Here I am! Retired from a successful and enjoyable IT career of over 25 years, and enjoying life in many ways, including making and decorating cookies! I'm still learning for sure and I have a goal to be one of those amazing cookie decorators you see on instagram and facebook. I know it takes practice, practice, practice, so that is what I am doing! I make 1/2 batch a week and take the time to practice the Royal Icing and Glaze so that with time I get better !! It's a process, and it's fun. I hope you enjoy seeing my work. Be gentle on me as I mentioned, I'm still pretty new at this!!!

I should also say that I get most of my ideas and even tutorials from Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook "cookie" groups, and Instagram. Man there are some creative people out there. In my gallery, you can see some of my recent cookies, all of which I provide a reference to the amazingly creative person who gave me the inspiration.

I'll continue to keep things up to date and share various learnings along the way. Thanks for following my journey!!!

Oh yes, one more thing. I selected a name for this adventure (1bite), obtained a domain (, and created this website (with the help from I am not selling cookies yet, but if I get good enough, I may obtain a cottage license and see whether there is an interest in selling to farmer's markets and small stores.

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