Ordering Cookies

Friends and Family,  contact me at bev.koehler@comcast.net for pricing and availability.   The information below is standard pricing (actually lower pricing) than what typical cookie artists charge for their work, as it is a time consuming and intricate craft.    I encourage those who are interested to check out etsy.com for variety and options for purchase if I am booked.  There are many very talented cookie artists out there, and I am inspired by their amazing work!


Cookie Prices:   Prices start at $24/dozen for basic decorated cookies and can go up from there for extra large or intricately decorated designs.    Cookies contain Gluten (Non-Gluten not available at this time)

  • Usually cookies run $24-$36 per dozen.  Minimum order: 1/2 dozen.

  • I will be happy to provide free quotes, and we can work together to stay within your budget.

  • Cookies are typically "sugar cookies" and can be ordered in vanilla, almond, lemon, raspberry, creme brûlée.

  • Cookies are put into clear, sealed treat bags

  • I will ship cookies within the U.S. for an additional charge (cost of shipping and packaging).  

    • Please note that I take great care to protect cookies being shipped, however if something breaks in the shipping, this can't be controlled, so I would suggest you consider ordering an extra couple of cookies in the unlikely event this may occur.  Allow a full week for shipping.​

  • Lead time:  I am a one person operation, so please contact me at least 2 weeks in advance for small orders (1-2 dozen), and at least a month in advance for larger orders.   I will have to let you know if I have availability based on prior commitments.  Also, please keep in mind that Holidays tend to be busier, so plan ahead.   ​

  • How to request an order: 

    • Go to "Contact me" Tab and send your request to me (bev.koehler@comcast.net) to include:​

      • Name and Mailing Address​

      • Theme of cookie desired (check Gallery for ideas)

      • Flavor (see above for flavors)

      • Quantity

      • When you need them by

      • Any special requests (to be considered)

NOTE: Only taking orders for friends and family until further notice.  Email bev.koehler@comcast.net